Veneer Types

Birds Eye wood veneer

Birds Eye

This delightful figuring is often produced when the veneer is rotary cut from the circumference of the log, creating the most uniform distribution of small round eyes. Birds Eye is more common in Maple but can occur in a few other species.

Fiddleback wood veneers


Historically so-called for its’ customary use on violin backs, this figuring is produced from logs which have been quarter sawn to produce a very straight grain with nearly perpendicular curls running from edge to edge.

Mottled wood veneer


Used to describe the appealing quality of the contrast of light and dark area’s that are most attractive once the veneer is polished.

Beeswing wood veneers


Very similar to the mottled affect, this figure is said to resemble a beeswing.

Quilted wood veneer


This figuring most commonly found in Mahogany and Maple, is best known for its’ three-dimensional effect.

Burrs Wood veneer


These occur on several species of tree, particularly walnut, as a rare growth where hundreds of tiny branches have started to grow. Burrs produce some of the most complex and beautiful figuring you can find.

Pommele wood veneer


Usually found in African trees such as Bubinga, Sapele and Makore, this figuring is said to resemble very densely packed, light circular rings.