About Us

As the market leader in supplying real wood veneer online, Vale Veneers has now become one of the most established wood veneer suppliers in the UK.

Over the last 10 years we have worked extremely hard as a small family run business to provide our customers with an excellent choice of some of the worlds finest quality wood veneers, along with an innovative and varied selection of Iron on edginginlaysveneer packs and sundries.

Having gained much experience from specialising in the wood veneer market we have been able to source the best products at very competitive prices, and by combining these quality products with our excellent customer service, knowledge, experience and flexibility, we have seen our business grow very quickly from strength to strength.

Our range of wood veneer products are suitable for all types of projects, particularly furniture, boat and car restoration, property upgrading, marquetry, school and college projects, and general DIY.

However we have a wide spectrum of valued customers ranging from Disney Pixar, Jaguar and Harvey Nichols right down to supplying schools and colleges with small packs for pupils coursework.

Our continuing specialised range of wood veneers and associated products are all attributed to the very welcome and positive feedback we have received from our customers over the last 10 years.

Now based in North Cornwall we will continue to increase and expand our product range, and will also be introducing some variations on new lines and wood veneer products soon so please keep checking the site.