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Wood Veneer UK specialise in supplying you with a choice of the world’s finest quality wood veneers by Mail Order.

We offer a wide range of Marquetry Supplies, Paper Backed Wood Veneers, decorative veneers and exotic wood veneer species. All our veneers can be purchased as single wood veneer sheets for your convenience, and are ideal for Marquetry Projects, Furniture Restoration, Dashboards and general DIY hobbies.

We also offer you a choice of other veneer supplies, such as Melamine Edging Tape, Adhesives, Wood Veneer Edging Tape, Iron on Edging, Edge Banding, Veneering Tools, Veneer Tape, Wood Veneer Sheets and Flexi Veneer.

We will also do our best to meet any specific requirements, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

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